Metamorphosis Microblading

Meet Phi Brows microblading artist Autumn Williams.

Metamorphosis Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo studio located in the heart of downtown Vancouver Washington. I am a long time esthetician that now specializes in the Phi Brows technique of microblading eyebrows.  You will find me, Autumn, located just off beautiful Ester Short Park inside Park West Studios at 310. W. 8th St. 

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Metamorphosis Microblading

At Rustic Roots Day Spa
316 SE 123rd Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98683

Call or Text Autumn @ (360)524-9492


Autumn has worked in the facial beauty industry for over 13 years

Autumn is a graduate of the Aveda institute a top school for estheticians. After finishing at Aveda, Autumn spent 13 years beautifying women's faces. Her training at Aveda involved over 600 hours of mandatory beauty and skin training.

Her facial beauty experience, allows Autumn to design brows that she and her customers love.

A passion for skin science

If you spend a few minutes talking to Autumn about how microblading works, you will quickly see that she has a passion for the science of skin. For example, in one interview, Autumn explained 'your skin has two main layers', and 'to get perfect permanent makeup color you have to place the pigment at the exact depth that gives you beautiful, rich permanent makeup color.' She continued to explain, "for perfect healed results and warm natural looking color, pigment should be placed in your epidermis above the skin's fatty layer, and that your artist MUST always avoid getting ANY pigment into the dermis layer of your skin." She definitely has a passion for the science behind permanent makeup.


Autumn is PhiBrows Certified and Washington State licensed

Autumn is a hard working artist. She completed her PhiBrows Microblading and Microshading certifications. On average it takes 150 hours over 3-4 months of instructor approved practice across 11 levels of certification to become a PhiBrows artist. Autumn is officially recognized by the European based PhiBrows Association as artist number #LRAWUSA3020.

Committed to safely practicing permanent makeup

Autumn has a strong safety background when it comes to beauty treatments. She completed her bloodborne pathogen training as well as the safety training required by the Oregon, Washington and Minnesota certification board for licensed estheticians.

A recent arrival to Portland and an avid ANIMAL LOVER!!!

Autumn left Minnesota to find a change of scenery and better weather. She feels that Portland's rainy winters still beat Minnesota's cold winters!!!! Autumn is also an avid animal lover. Autumn is a guardian to 3 rescue dogs Delilah -- a tri-paw Shepard mix, as well as Alvin and Franny both senior Chiuhuahuas .

If you're tired of spending 10 to 15 minutes every morning working on your eyebrows, and just want to wake up with hassle free perfect eyebrows, I am happy to give you the brows you want! Call me at (360) 524-9492! Or you can also use this link to book now.