Metamorphosis Microblading


Microblading Hair like strokes are created to mimic natural hairs. After mapping the most flattering brow shape, pigment close to the natural brow color is selected to create the "strokes" or hairs.  This process fills in gaps and creates a skeletal structure of the brow. once healed make up can be applied over the strokes to achieve a more finished look. 

MIcroshading This technique uses pigment (matching the brow color) is gently patted into the skin to create shading though out the brow. This can be done alone for or after microblading to give you a beautiful finished look.

Metamorphosis Microblading.png

MicroBlading and Microshading (Combination and Powder brows)

Autumn makes up to 11 measurements of each eyebrow, carefully following your bone structure around the eye, and using the PhiBrows compass to identify the placement of 6 points on each brow that will give your eyebrows perfect shape. Next, Autumn selects a pigment color that matches your natural hair color. Finally, Autumn etches carefully placed hair like strokes that closely follow your supraorbital ridge (the bony ridge above your eye) to give your brows a perfect, natural look. Each hair like stroke fills in gaps, bald spots, and thin or sparse patches on your eyebrows. Additionally microshading (adds pigment between the hair strokes) can be used to blend and darken the color.  Sessions are approximately 2-2.5 hours and include aftercare and a 4-6 week perfecting touch up. Powder brows are soft shading only and is the best choice for oilier skin types or those with older permanent makeup that needs to be covered.

Combination or Powder brows $400.00* 

Microblading only $350.00*

Touch up visits

Since each person's microblading ages differently due to a variety of a factors, you may desire a touch up to refresh the brow strokes of your current microblading. These visits do not include measurement (no shape change), and your strokes should be light but visible.   3-5 month touch up  $150*  /   6-12 month  $200*   


Lets meet to discuss your situation and concerns. I will answer your questions and see how I can help you meet your brow goals. 30 minute session  $50. This cost will be applied to your service.

Would you like a complementary consultation? Contact me directly!  Text 360-524-9492 or email info@metamorphosis-microblading to discuss your situation.         



After MIcroblading Only

After MIcroblading Only

After Microblading & Microshading

After Microblading & Microshading


Once your appointment has been received I will follow up with further information.

Please be prepared to send a picture of your brows with out make-up for a pre-treatment evaluation.

*State and local sales taxes will be applied at the time of service.

If you want natural looking eyebrows that are perfect for your face, book now, or call/text me at (360) 524-9492, because my schedule can fill up quickly as I only book a certain number of appointments each week!